I Built a Workbench

1. Cut legs.
2. Make sure cross beams will fit.
3. Make sure you have 4 legs.
4. Ironically, you need a workbench to build a workbench, otherwise you have to balance on sawhorses.
5. Prop completed shelf frame up against your DIY easel.
6. Make sure the top frame is square.
7. Fix legs to shelf frame with one screw at the back of each leg to allow for minor adjustments.
8. Drop shelf on to frame.
9. Fix top frame to legs, note that no adjustments were required, make sure you tell all your mates.
10. Finished. Now get back to cleaning your garage.

Build based on plan by Blake Allan

V for Virus

V for Virus


A version of this image first appeared on Instagram

Edited in Instagram, Paint.Net & Picasa

Goodbye Bruce Dawe, Condolences of the Season

Bruce Dawe 15 February 1930 – 1 April 2020


Thank you for being here,

thank you for being you,

thank you for demonstrating

that great poetry can come from a veggie patch,

or the roar of a football crowd.

Stop Trying to Make Sense of This (Life)

At the entrance to the train station,

a Jehovah’s witness one side,

a Morman at the other,

both trying to save my soul,

one booklet at a time,

while emails fly in to my pocket

offering better interest rates

and great deals on airfares.


The news tells me

that a virus is spreading

and floods have replaced the fires,

I guess the blood dimmed tide

has indeed been loosed,

and innocence replaced

by ignorance.


But if you try the impeach the guilty,

who are racked not with remorse

but a nuclear sense of entitlement,

then I’ll refer you back to distract;

soul to soul, airfares

and interest rates.


Unattributed moulding fixed to wall near Central Station, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 9 June 2015.

Look on the bright side,

we’re all bound to die.

Then ask yourself a question,

what will you leave behind?

It’s easier to be a churchgoer

than a good Christian.