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I am a thing / not a thing

elevated to the status

of object / product

a float between what

you’ve seen / thought you saw

.           / ignored


the error of our ways

is the tragedy of our days

how long until O becomes Q

until the realisation gains a tail

& the question of de-evolution

is reconsidered by apes

on a production line


look, squatted in a shopfront

under discoloured blankets

the disgrace of our lives

thrown from the line

I am a thing / not a thing


Published in Page Seventeen, Issue 12, November 2015

Published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017




A semi-found poem based on the OECD Studies on Tourism and the Tourism Experience: The OECD-Korea Workshop[1] taken from the article ‘tis the season for a serving of sheep’s head? posted on dangerous minds[2]


burn away the wool from the head

leave the skin intact & brown

split the head into halves by axe

remove the organs but the eye & tongue

clean, salt, & dry for days

then smoulder on a cold smoke

of juniper, dry oak or alder


having been both salted & smoked

the head could be preserved in an airy place for months


to serve the dish

water & steam the head for three hours

then present with stewed Swedish turnips

& potatoes boiled in the skin

Image ©2014 Thomas Schlich, courtesy of Dangerous Minds

First published in Tincture Journal, November, 2015

[1] OECD Studies on Tourism and the Tourism Experience: The OECD-Korea Workshop, OECD Publishing 2012, ISBN 978-9264171923