How Am I Supposed to Choose a God?

If I can’t tell the difference

between a hydrangea and an azalea

how am I supposed to choose a God?


If I can’t choose between

Blur and Oasis

or which car to drive,

which cigarettes,

bottle of whisky,

am I a cat or dog person,

would I like fries with my order,

would I like to upsize for an extra dollar,

should I carry an umbrella,

should I shift my retirement savings

from conservative to a riskier strategy

if it means I’ll get a better return?


How am I supposed to choose a God

if I can’t pick which people I’m meant to decry?

I mean, which gospel should I deny? Which flag should I burn?

Can I imagine no religion and choose the Gospel of John?

How am I supposed to choose a God if I like everyone?


Author: Mark William Jackson

Mark William Jackson's work has appeared in various print and online journals, including Best Australian Poems 2011, Going Down Swinging, Cordite, Popshot (UK), Rabbit, Page Seventeen, SpeedPoets and The Diamond & the Thief. Mark's debut poetry collection "The Frequency of God" is available now through all major outlets, see for details.


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