Hexagonal Variations on a Circular Thought part 3 – The Journey


Return to your childhood home,

it’s not as big,

the father’s not as strong,

but frail, nearing his/our end, &

the happy times, the innocence

will hit you, &

the worries that held you then

will let you go

but will always…


Like when you look through old photos

& get a rush of sensations that

we are not here but there, &

whatever happened was fictional

but time folds;

age has acted upon us, catalysed, &

you are the product of what was/is,

& however the moments felt

they are now ingrained

into the most repressed depths of your soul, &

form part of the hole.

But what if the moments were manufactured,

just strategies, collateral damage divorced from fact?

The feelings, though only manipulation of false recall

still create the mind of a man, the old man,

still manifest the (reality) of a (life).

Published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017


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