Hexagonal Variations on a Circular Thought part 4 – The Revelation


You were young,

childish & crazy.

You leapt at life

with abandon

like a drunken god.


But now? Responsibly

you pay your bills,

sort your garbage

& watch your diet.

Still hungover

from the trials of youth,

but now gracious &

somewhat subdued.


That’s not to say you

fell into the machine,

but rather you consider your self,

you catch your reflection sometimes &

realise that the years have not taken,

that this then/now was/is happening,

youth may rest in the shade

but light shines on the vicissitudes of age.

You realise that you are the old man,

& it’s only you who’s calculating the time.

Published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017


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