Hexagonal Variations on a Circular Thought part 5 – The Resolution


Life is just a mix of

  • perception,
  • interpretation, &
  • the creation of “truth”.


Existence is only a term we use

while we’re trying to give ourselves meaning.


Therefore, in the context of meaning,

the world is only a representation,

a creation of the mind,

a surreal image,

            ce n’est pas une vie.


In (reality), to summarise;

there was no mother’s loss,

nor no father’s grief,

just memories, as they remember them,

& now?


A child’s mind was folded

under their guiding hands

until their stories made the man.


But no more, know more,

now I am

because now I know

I never was what I used to be.

Published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017


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