Dawn on Coolangatta Beach – Thursday, 29th November 2018

Path to Coolangatta Beach

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 04:25


Footsteps on Coolangatta Beach

Thursday, 29th November 2018, 04:30


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Dirty Dancing

They’ve made a stage production

of a movie that was insanely popular

when you were growing up;

the trends of your youth now

have a retro curiosity to them,

like some sort of museum oddity.


Your music is now called classic rock &

your favourite albums are referred to as seminal &

when a young band covers one of your old songs &

you sing along your kids look at you strangely &

wonder how someone as uncool as you

could know something that they think is theirs.


Records have moved through CD to mp3

but a vinyl collection is to be held in awe

& video became DVD, & now blue, Ray,

but the movies are just remakes.


Nintendos are now called Wiis,

Mario has risen bigger than Jesus,

& Apple is the product of choice

for the middle-class edgy set

pretending to be artsy.


Now your rock stars are suffering from

old people ailments or reforming

for reunion retirement fund tours.

Bowie & Cohen, Prince & George Michael

all rang out their final chords.


Your favourite hangouts

have now been taken over by

cliché hipster cafés

selling pretentious single origin drinks

but you can’t smoke or joke about

how contrived their record collection is.


One day they might

make a stage production of your life –

a black comedy

directed by John Hughes.


First published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017


The Launch of Verity La Mark II

The story of the best Australian online journal continues…

Verity La has been redesigned and restored.

VL has been supporting and publishing established and emerging writers for years, myself included on multiple occasions. Steered by some of the greats; Nigel Featherstone, A.S. Patric, Stuart Barnes, Ramon Loyola, and now, under the current managing editor Michele Seminara it has undergone some major renovations, including the podcast, generous payments to contributors, the release of their first eBook anthology and the launch of the vamped up new website.

Jump over to Verity La to check out the new image.

While there, have a look at The Hunger, only AUD10.00 for some of the best writing over the last 8 years, with all proceeds being returned to future contributors – a worthy cause for starving artists.


Image ©Verity La 2018