Anti-Social Network

The new



has announced

its word

of the year is


‘Love’ has long been forgotten,

‘Touch’ is now irrelevant,

‘Smile’, ‘Hope’, ‘Peace’, ‘Praise’,

rendered to dusty print books

locked in open shelves

for all and none to see.

LMAO txt speak has won.

I am justified in my existence,

I facebook, therefore I am,

twitter ergo sum.

We have created our own Big Brother,

submitted to the cookie monster,

our lives are now just in-app purchases,

we’ve split our own personalities,

online identities.



A version of this poem was first published in Miscellaneous Voices #1: Australian Blog Writing (Miscellaneous Press, April 2010)

This version published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017



In the Things We Can Hold & the Things We Cannot

The bottle paints its perfumed image –

all those days of empty despair,

while the light that guided

smiles as I talk to her

about poetry.


A version of this poem was first published on kipple, March 2010 as in the things we hold and the things we cannot

traffic jam

this freeway is

the path to your future –

but brake lights blink in front

controlling you –

stop – go – stop – go – stop


the roadside billboards

push & pull on your desires

offering all that you need

for a new improved life


slowly you roll

forward (in space

.                  backwards) in time

while your prescription drug fuelled mind

whispers of conspiracies


you take in polluted air

(a consequence of progress)

& hope for some movement

as your life overtakes you