Final Resting

.            Inspired by the photo “Badly Parked” by Paul Michael Jackson


Years rust like dreams.


The chrome has yielded to the air

and holes are where the lights

once lit the dark path.


The shell once new

and full of laughter;

children bouncing on spring seats,

mum in her Christian Dior copy,

dad’s cigarette smoke

filling the cabin.


All the trips;

to the grandparents,

the beach,


mum going shopping,

dad playing golf.


Now it rests on the edge,

creaking its last days

guarded by gums.


Published in Rabbit Poetry Journal, Issue 3, March 2012


Image “Badly Parked” ©2005 Paul Michael Jackson


Life by Remote Control

Ensconced  in  the  images.

Injections from the 40 inch

frame    across   the   room.


Bourgeois buttocks comfortable

on a lounge cut from old growth

forest by third world underaged.


Watch the news for sports updates,

interspersed with messages of the

latest products, requirements for a

new and improved reduced fat life.

Abject images are quickly flicked.


Reality TV is an oxy   moron.

Published in Popshot, Issue 4, September 2010

A revision in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017

Poem by Mark William Jackson, Illustration ©2010 David Lemm