Unspoken Love

It hangs in the air

between gazing eyes,

within a mother when she rubs

for her unborn child.


You can see it in photos

of an anniversary,

in the fingered indentations

of a well worn rosary.


It spills from flowers that are

placed to mark a grave,

echoes in prayers,

requests to be saved.


It flows within the tears

of those left to grieve,

waiting for a final kiss

to get some relief.


It’s left within the smiles

when thoughts are brought to mind,

a sweet embrace that lingers

after earth bound time.


It’s when I think of my wife and daughters

while I’m aching through the day,

it’s in the ride I take back home

and when I forget to say


that love is everywhere

untouched and unbroken,

love is captured in these words,

no longer left unspoken.


Published in Miscellaneous Voices #1: Australian Blog Writing (Miscellaneous Press, April 2010)

Published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017