Meet Me in Paris

Meet me in Paris,

you wear a rose

and I’ll whistle the Marseillaise,

I’ll buy us drinks

and we’ll talk about times.


Meet me in Paris,

we’ll walk the cobblestones

and fight off restauranteurs

until we find our place

where we’ll sit in soft focus

while pedestrians blur around us;

a trick with a slow shutter speed.


Meet me in Paris,

on the bridge where our love hangs padlocked,

meet me at the café

at the end of our lives

and we’ll drink one last time

and then tango into the after.


First published in ZineWest 2013, October 2013

Published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017


Angels, Pleasant in the Liminal Conscious

A hundred angels

danced in a transient haze

while a horse played the harpsichord (John).


The weather was pleasant,

like conversations with your Mum,

which is more than a man can afford.


Did we lie in the liminal,

in crepuscular rays,

till we reconciled the muse.


Did the pages shake the conscious,

& the conscience create nightmares,

and the hangover leave us confused?


Published in SpeedPoets, Vol. 13.6, August 2013


A Life

Visions fade like fingerprints,

I could give you an overview of my life,

a summary of what’s happened so far,

in so far as I can remember.


First was the birth, of course,

in hindsight relatively painless,

there were screams, but



There were the obligatory celebrants,

paid nods to smile and offer praise,

in words taken from digital graffiti

& the margins            of the soul.


The days were jewels

encrusted in shite,

the polish out of reach on

the top shelf behind the poisons.


If I read 7 as an angle,

somewhat acute,

though school would teach me obtuse

then 77 is

a parallel



So, a man lived his life

in the shadow of a dream,

the silhouette pressed

against the white walls of expectations,

but nothing a can of paint

and wide brush couldn’t fix.


When the vultures are summoned

to pick at your bones

and fly into the sun,

will you have found what

you thought

you should be

looking for.


First published in The Wonder Book, 3 January 2013