Unspoken Love

It hangs in the air

between gazing eyes,

within a mother when she rubs

for her unborn child.


You can see it in photos

of an anniversary,

in the fingered indentations

of a well worn rosary.


It spills from flowers that are

placed to mark a grave,

echoes in prayers,

requests to be saved.


It flows within the tears

of those left to grieve,

waiting for a final kiss

to get some relief.


It’s left within the smiles

when thoughts are brought to mind,

a sweet embrace that lingers

after earth bound time.


It’s when I think of my wife and daughters

while I’m aching through the day,

it’s in the ride I take back home

and when I forget to say


that love is everywhere

untouched and unbroken,

love is captured in these words,

no longer left unspoken.


Published in Miscellaneous Voices #1: Australian Blog Writing (Miscellaneous Press, April 2010)

Published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017

New Retailers Added

Now that Christmas is over and a new year is upon us it’s time to maintain that resolution you made to read more poetry in Twenty18.

And to make keeping that resolution even easier two new retailers have been added to the list of stockists of my debut collection The Frequency of God.

Booktopia in Australia and Book Depository in the UK.

A full list of stockists is available by clicking HERE!

The Frequency of God is Here

My first collection, The Frequency of God, is now available for sale through the following outlets…


Angus & Robertson


Barnes & Noble

Abe Books


Prices vary depending on retailer, Fishpond appears cheapest in Australia and is offering free postage, same with Barnes & Noble in the US and Abe Books in the UK.

I’ll keep you posted as other retailers come on board.

Sample Poems from The Frequency of God

Sample poems from my debut collection The Frequency of God have been posted on the Close-Up Books website.

Click here to have a read of The Frequency of God, Crack & To Your 18th Birthday.

The Frequency of God will be released in Mid-December through various outlets, I’ll have more details and purchase links soon.

My First Poetry Collection to be Released Through Close-Up Books

I’m ecstatic to announce that my debut poetry collection, The Frequency of God, will soon be released through Close-Up Books.

The collection will contain a mix of work previously published in various journals, including Verity La., Rabbit, Popshot & Best Australian Poems, and unreleased work such as Hexagonal Variations on a Circular Thought and To Your 18th Birthday.

A massive thank you to my editor, Ashley Capes, for all his hard work over the last few months, cutting, shaping and ordering the poems, Rebekah at Vivid Covers for putting together a fantastic front and back, and of course my wife, Silvia for all the support, inspiration and taking the cover shot.

We’re hoping the collection will be available just before Christmas, so I’ll be competing with Stephen King and Salman Rushdie for your Christmas budget!