Life by Remote Control

Ensconced  in  the  images.

Injections from the 40 inch

frame    across   the   room.


Bourgeois buttocks comfortable

on a lounge cut from old growth

forest by third world underaged.


Watch the news for sports updates,

interspersed with messages of the

latest products, requirements for a

new and improved reduced fat life.

Abject images are quickly flicked.


Reality TV is an oxy   moron.

Published in Popshot, Issue 4, September 2010

A revision in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017

Poem by Mark William Jackson, Illustration ©2010 David Lemm

traffic jam

this freeway is

the path to your future –

but brake lights blink in front

controlling you –

stop – go – stop – go – stop


the roadside billboards

push & pull on your desires

offering all that you need

for a new improved life


slowly you roll

forward (in space

.                  backwards) in time

while your prescription drug fuelled mind

whispers of conspiracies


you take in polluted air

(a consequence of progress)

& hope for some movement

as your life overtakes you