The Frequency of God now available on Google Books

The Frequency of God is now available on Google Books.

A free sample is available for download that includes the poems The Frequency of God; Beat(en) & Saintly; The Sound of an Actual Man; fast food; Make Love, Not Warhol; and vino e panini con Michelangelo.

Make Love, Not Warhol


Inspired by Ric Burns’ Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film.


The phonies are taking over,

the Jesus t-shirts

& ketchup stains.


Do you want me to tell you

who Andy was?

A mirror holder?


You move to the edge

& declare it the centre.

But now we throw hammers

at our reflections,

shattering silver thoughts.


Now the centre has been

cemented & secured –

trapped in a kaleidoscope

of commercial migraines,

the neon swirling like

an acid breast milk shake.


I’d film you sleeping

but that is now just

life / work / everyday.


If we slow 24 to 16

frames per second and

take time to

see like a child?


Do you remember when

movies used to amaze?

*time – subject – film – light*


Published in Rabbit Poetry Journal, Issue 4, May 2012

Published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017