How Am I Supposed to Choose a God?

If I can’t tell the difference

between a hydrangea and an azalea

how am I supposed to choose a God?


If I can’t choose between

Blur and Oasis

or which car to drive,

which cigarettes,

bottle of whisky,

am I a cat or dog person,

would I like fries with my order,

would I like to upsize for an extra dollar,

should I carry an umbrella,

should I shift my retirement savings

from conservative to a riskier strategy

if it means I’ll get a better return?


How am I supposed to choose a God

if I can’t pick which people I’m meant to decry?

I mean, which gospel should I deny? Which flag should I burn?

Can I imagine no religion and choose the Gospel of John?

How am I supposed to choose a God if I like everyone?


Jazz is My Religion and Surrealism is My Point of View

Quote taken from chalkboard message in the window of Shakespeare and Company, Paris.