The Frequency of God now available on Google Books

The Frequency of God is now available on Google Books.

A free sample is available for download that includes the poems The Frequency of God; Beat(en) & Saintly; The Sound of an Actual Man; fast food; Make Love, Not Warhol; and vino e panini con Michelangelo.

The Sound of an Actual Man

The devil is in the detail,

in the teeth of violent dreams,

revealed in photospasms of the past,

of departures laden with lazy promise.


Do you remember strawberry fields?

Lines like lies crossing tees

& dotting eyes,

lost in a visceral ineptitude,

sending sonar pulses through

a darkened history.


We are the soldiers in Sgt. Pepper’s band,

cursing the silence in

between the songs,

dancing in a frantic haze &

boom boom ricochet,

paying prayer for a

slow motion replay.

Published in Rabbit Poetry Journal, Issue 4, May 2012

Published in The Frequency of God, Close-Up Books, December 2017